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So, you’ve got Tripel Karmeliet tastes and a PBR budget. You’re taking someone on a date on Commercial Drive and while you’d love to spring for a nice meal and a great beer at Biercraft, the state of your wallet is pushing you in the direction of The Dime.

Don’t do it. Yes, a five dollar meal actually is too good to be true. The food is horrendous and the beer special actually is PBR.

For virtually the same amount of money as two shitty beers and two even shittier meals at The Dime, you can assemble a genuinely awesome culinary experience. It will take very little work. Actually, depending on how difficult it is for you to execute step 1, it could be a lot of work, but if your apartment looks less like a rabbit warren and more like a place where a human being lives, it’ll be dead easy.

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It doesn’t take a genius to pair an oyster stout with oysters. Yet when I paused in the middle of a long stretch of unfocused, messy cooking yesterday to indulge − oysters just shucked, stout left to warm slightly − I felt like a damn genius.

The marriage between oysters and stout dates back at least to the early 1900s in London where oysters were plentiful and inexpensive and stout or porter was the local style of choice, according to the late beer journalist Michael Jackson. Then came polluted coasts, prohibition and a couple of wars that screwed up everything and the knowhow behind the oyster stout was lost.

Enter Upright Brewing of Portland, Oregon.
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