Announcing Dageraad Brewing.

Inspired by the brewing tradition of Belgium, brewed in a little industrial unit in Burnaby, BC.

Coming in May.

Previous readers of this site may be interested in the Dageraad Story, which is being published in Scout Magazine and on the Dageraad website in weekly instalments during March and April.


There’s a legend currently for sale at Brewery Creek (and probably other stores): Rodenbach Grand Cru.

It’s a sour red Belgian beer, the classic example of the Flanders Red style. I just can’t say enough about this beer, its balance and its layered complexity. We can’t always get this beer in Vancouver, so I highly recommend that you try it while you can.



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I’m presently tasting a bottle of this year’s extra-special special release from Driftwood, Old Barrel Dweller, and I’ve got some opinions that won’t wait.

If you’ve got a bottle of this, I advise you to forget about it. Put it away. If you’ve got a basement (you lucky duck) put it there and pretend it doesn’t exist until next year. Otherwise, put it somewhere else that’s as temperature-stable as you can manage.

If you’ve got six bottles of this, drink one and note what it tastes like. Then put the other five away and prepare for them to get better.


I think this beer’s got potential. A lot of potential. It’s got dried fruit and alcohol and a smidge of chocolate. It’s also got a whole whack of bourbon from the bourbon barrel, and not everything is playing well together. It’s actually pretty jarring right now, but I think this thing is going to age nicely. These flavours are going to blend and the alcohol sting is going to mellow, and meanwhile the fruit flavours are going to deepen and become more complex.

This is going to sound like a stock tip, but my advice is buy and hold. I’m going to put my money where my mouth is and buy a couple more bottles.



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